Time for reflection

I took time off from the social media sites to finish the Fools Funnybone and to work on the songs for the CD that still isn’t out, ha ha ha Procrastinating Fool.

The FF 1 is online and although I know there is room for improvement, I am genuinely happy with it and I think it is (for lack of a better quote):  FUNNY AS FUCK and contains some of my best comedy writing. The adverts made me laugh, but if I have to be totally honest, my favourite bit has to be the story about the poetry competition and especially the statement about the winners mum and dad:

the other poems were just shite and the fact they were Zed’s
Mum and dad had nothing to do with their decision.

I mean, that had me rolling about laughing. It is just so stupid and simple, yet comedy gold.

Of course, I took time to check up on stuff to get the facts right and I am sure I still missed a few things, but hell, I am only human.

The Fools Funnybone 2, I have already started work on, it isn’t due out until February of 2018, but the comedy brain never stops. I can tell you what I have written up until now is even sillier and funnier than the first. I hope that continues.

But hey that is not what this blog is about. I have been posting like mad on all social media’s, spreading the word to everyone, but there seems to be little reaction. On Facebook, I have 700+ (so-called) friends and yet only 2 have reacted to it and said they totally laughed a lot…..only 2!!!!!!!!!

Now the reflection bit…….Why, when I know what I do is good,  but is it possible that it is not funny….the same goes for my music…is it so bad that (and I use this term loosely) friends, who know I have totally no income, would not even grant me 5 euro’s a month sponsorship of even 5 euro for a CD or even worse 1 euro to download a song….even if you don’t like the music, the humour, whatever, surely you would love to help a friend in need. I have always been there for people, I would call friends, I gave my savings (something I honestly could use now) to help someone pay bills or gave them stuff for their house. I won’t mention names, that is not my style, but they know who they are.

God society has become so fucking narcissistic, unbelievable but true.

I have finally come to terms, that people are jealous of the fact, I am able to do what I want and love to do and always with jealousy comes resentment and under any circumstances will they come to the aid or support a friend, because he has what we would love to be able to do. It is the same with my life. I moved to the South of France to be with Sol and again people (some have openly admitted they didn’t want me to leave Alkmaar) are resentful of her and slander etc are spread and like a cold or the flu, everyone gets it and spreads it further. She has her faults, like everyone, but hell I guarantee you, I have more faults and she still loves me. Isn’t it cooler if you respect that I am happy the way I am and not because the way you think is better and want me to be

I will always do my thing, it is part of me, to entertain. I can’t control this. I really wanted family and friends to come with me on this journey and it really does hurt me everytime they ignore my work, but hell, it’s all part of my learning process. I have been accused by some of burning bridges to the past and I will admit to not always be an angel, but every time I have tried to put out those fires others have been refuelling them and so I say in all honesty to all:

I love my life and if people don’t want to embrace it or respect it then I want them to just FUCK OF out of it. It doesn’t matter what your association with me is. I have reached the border of my patience and niceness

We live in the 21st century and still, some people act neanderthal. Come on people. Evolve, it really is cool when you do.

Zeek Catwezale Cabannes 06/10/2017