the next chapter



It has been a long time coming, this is our 21st year as ZEEKtheFREAK, well for Bas and myself it is, the rest of the band all joined later. but I have spent at least the last 6 months contemplating and reviewing the situation of the band and the plans I had in my head.

I have said it before, but this is not the show I wanted and I feel the band has become stale, most probably partly to me being a control Freak, this I must admit to the world, but especially to myself and for the band to move forward, drastic changes have to be made.

The band has gone through many changes and chapters since I first started recording as ZEEKtheFREAK way back in December 1996.

The fact I have moved to the South of France also played a role, I do miss being on stage, but I have found a perfect life here and I know we can make this long distance relationship work

Chapter 1 is, of course, the begin of this crazy journey. The excitement of something new and the fact I was recording again after more than 10 years in obscurity. Also finding the musicians who would help me do this on stage.

Chapter 2 has been the between years, with many changes, all good fun and I will never deny I had a brilliant time, but it was all done in an amateur fashion and more a solo project than a band and so we come to a new chapter….this

Chapter 3, is the beginning of ZEEKtheFREAK as a band and everything to be done in a more professional way,  not just the music, but also the show. I want a basic show with a setlist, which we can work around and no more just play this attitude, more structure in the show.

I have to decide who will join me in this venture. Bas being actually a founding member of the band will never ever be in doubt as a member, but I also have the groove of the two guitars, so it is logical Len should stay as well.

And so to the rest. Perry Prozack is guaranteed entertainment factor in himself, but the problem is he is a front man and within ZEEKtheFREAK the deal was he would support me, unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. We are 2 showmen, 2 ego’s and that will, I fear, always be a negative factor for the band.

ADH Perry is an energetic force and the last to join, but he spreads himself across a few bands and that’s something I am not really wanting.

And to our drummer, Robbie, the perfectionist and this was the most difficult decision for me, but Robbie has always said his daytime job will always come first and that the band is just a hobby and I need a more professional approach.

I have spoken to Bas and Len about my thoughts and plans for ZEEKtheFREAK as a product, the wheels are in motion for the changes.

I have the task of explaining to the other band members of my plans and thank them for their services. This is never a nice job, but it is my responsibility, as I have always seen this as my project

I have now discussed my situation with the 2 Perry’s and Rob and they totally understood my feelings, luckily there has always been a family feeling to the band, so all 3 understood this move. I love these guys and they will always be freaks at heart, but it is time for us to move on.

and now for the replacements, I had a few people on my list, but 3 people stood out and I am happy to announce, they are joining.

It is with pride that I can announce Don Philippo has agreed to join ZEEKtheFREAK, I doubt people will understand the magnitude of this,  he is a top musician, along with Bas and Len, I am honestly a lucky bastard to be playing with them in a band

I am ultra happy at the return of two lost souls to the project Drummer Bob Mooij was actually the original drummer and exactly the kind of rock drummer who can blow an audience away. Harald Kippersluis (Barry) was the bassist for a few years and again I am super happy he has returned home, this dude did the groovy bass riff on ‘Just a Fantasy’

I think will also be good for the name of the band, if they also perform without me. Bas knows the stuff and we can probably get guest singers, the ideas are limitless

Other good news, I have acquired the services of Thijs, A local photographer who has photographed the band on stage, many times. I would like him to do a photo shoot with the band members and finally get some quality, professional photo’s of the band.

I have approached a keyboard player, whom I would like very much so in the band, we are also talking to a drummer and bassist (a little hint, not totally unknown to the band)

I am now also in the market for a manager for the band, not just anyone, but someone who has a know how in the music industries.

The music is now a band thing and everyone will contribute. I will continue to do my solo thing but as Zeek Catweazle.

I am excited about this, it is if a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I now have the freedom to pursue, my other projects, like my books: the Foddleburg Tales and the Fools Funnybone, the tabloid, that is just a little bit different.

Hopefully, the band ZEEKtheFREAK will be on stage, next year with a new exciting show


Zeek Catweazle Cabannes 3rd June 2017