Fantasy Island

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY on fantasy island…….


As Mrs. Freak leaves early for work, Bruce and I go for our daily 3/4km early morning walk, during which time, I check out the beauty of the Southern French countryside.

The workers are already hard grafting in the fields, they start before 6, due to the heat during the day.

I love watching how Bruce has to sniff every tree or bush and has to walk in every burn along the roadside. His treat, he knows this now, is some figs from the fig tree near our house, at the end of our walk

As I walk, I like to think of ideas for my novel, or maybe a new idea for a song will pop into my head. I always feel very productive at this time of the morning and this beautiful place.

But I also sometimes just like to meditate as we walk. Apart from the beauty, this is a very tranquil place to be.
Today, I was contemplating on how I live now and how I lived before.
Do I miss the hustle and the bustle of a daily routine in the city?
Having to get up very early every morning (something I actually still do) to obey orders and serve your master so you can earn money to buy the latest gadgets so you can satisfy your greedy soul and ego or am I happy to chill in the tranquil beautiful south….hmm!!! tough call.
People want more and more nowadays and yes I too was like that, not the so much the obeying bit, never been my strong point, but the greed vibes. No, I do not miss that and I realize having more things like objects, friends, money does not make a person better or happier. What another has is none of my concern, this is our own life and yet instead of taking care of ourselves, we are more concerned about what others have or other opinions, yes I am guilty of this as well, but luckily I am slowly learning and starting to let these feelings go.
I will admit what I do sometimes miss a bit, is walking through town and looking at people as they scurry about like ants in their busy lives. This fascination I have always had, what is going through their heads, bills, mortgage, relationships, drugs…God knows what, but I find it very entertaining.
I know, if I cycle a mere 5 km, I will be in town and I can still do this but also in a better climate.

But, as I said not the 9 to 5 thing, I am on a sabbatical leave from that. I cannot say never again, because who knows what changes will occur in my life, but for now…..I realize I am a very lucky boy. I am permitted to follow my dreams, with no hassle from a boss or anyone else to look for work. I say now my hobby has become my work. I live in a beautiful part of the world. I live in a relaxed part of the country, which I now love, yes this coming from a city lad, who never ever thought he could survive in the middle of nowhere and I am totally at ease with it. How times change, ha ha ha.

During my walk, I come to terms that other blogs I have written, have been negative about friends and even family who are negative about my  relationship, my music, my life, my opinions but as I walk I feel those negative thoughts, people, that way of life slowly disappearing out of my life. I feel the most relaxed, I have ever felt. totally relaxed???? well, of course, in a relationship, there are differences, like every couple has, well what do you expect from 2 totally opposite characters who have both lived on their own for so long. She has things that piss me off and I know I definitely have habits that piss her off, but we work on these little things, and I feel we compliment each other because I know for certain we can learn a lot from each other and hopefully, this will make us both better human beings.
I also realized that I always felt I was being drawn back to Holland, well I did live there for 36 years, but this morning I thought to myself…..for years I was trying to get away from a lifestyle, I was not feeling at ease with and why in the name of Christ would I want to go back to it. I have also been accused of burning bridges from my past, I can never rebuild. This probably is correct, I know I can be stubborn sometimes, but what people must realize is that there are 2 sides to every story and as I tried to put out the fires I probably started, others were refueling the fire. Let me go on record as saying, I am not mad, I just feel sorry for certain people who really meant a lot to me but have let me down a lot and I can say without regret the negative people no longer annoy or disappoint me. I think one should concentrate on one’s own life and respect others’. This is all I will say on that matter, as this is a positive blog and I feel good and I do not want to provoke negative feelings.

I now have a life, I probably have always dreamed of. I can do the things I want to do, like sport or writing my book, and what of my music, I think I am writing some of the best material I have ever written.I am keeping the band in Alkmaar, there are changes to it and more are to come, but that is another blog. I have also now contact with some really good musicians, here in the Provence and things are looking bright for a musical project/adventure in the near future.

I am singing to myself as we pass the fig tree, I pick some figs for the pee monster, he looks up at me with wide eyes and the water dripping from the sides of his mouth,

So as we arrive home from the walk, Bruce gets his fig treat and I feel good, time for a spot of breakfast and some coffee. After writing this blog, I think I might venture into the studio because I am feeling the good vibes……..and later I will relax on my Fantasy Island

Zeek Catweazle Cabannes 05/07 2017