Back to the roots

2 years and the CD still isn’t finished.

I have been wondering why it was such a struggle for me to finish the Gullible’s Travels CD. I have the songs and most are started on, but only 4 or so are finished, yet I just can’t get it finished.

Thus I decided to take a month off from all Social media…i.e. Facebbok, Twitter etc, so that I can concentrate on the projects I have been putting off for a year or so.

I am busy with the Fools Funnybone number 1 and it is ready. I just have to make a few ads from all the Social media

As I walked with Bruce, this crisp sunny Wednesday morning. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Although I love the songs..especially Blow a fuse…I realise I am stearing away from the idea and musical direction that was ZEEKtheFREAK I was writing the songs more for commercial purposes and not my musical dream. But the sales of the conmercial material is sad to say the least. People  are buying into it and it have become just another band/musician making commercial pop/rock music and christ there are millions of them in the world, nothing new.

I will finish this CD and the songs I have for it, but the next album I want to get back to the roots of ZEEKtheFREAK and make music that I want to hear.

Groovy people, time to get my freak on (again)

Zeek Catweazle