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Zeek Catweazle, the happy psycho is the brain behind ZEEKtheFREAK and Zeek D’Accoustique. A multi-talented musician, who records and produces his own CD’s

He is a singer/songwriter, musician, writer, actor, philosopher and jester

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Zeek Catweazle is better known in the world of music and entertainment as ZEEKtheFREAK

Zeek Catweazle is a singer, a musician, an entertainer, an actor, a philosopher, a writer and a jester

Born Steven Alexander Smith in October 1958 in Dundee Scotland, he moved to Holland in 1979. There he stayed until moving to the south of France in 2015. Where he now lives with his partner writer Agatha Stoneheart.

This blog is meant to entertain, so do not take what is written too seriously.

A Blog’s life

A blog’s life

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY ON FANTASY ISLAND As Mrs Freak leaves early for work, Bruce and I go for our daily 3/4km early morning walk, during which time, I check out the beauty of the Southern French countryside. continue reading MEDIA TEA BREAK As I sit alone in the room staring into the nothingness, Maria Callas …

A painter’s Diary

Some of the crazy stuff we got up to when painting in Alkmaar, a city in the Netherlands



Very strange, but I cannot recall much about the first time at painter school. Just that the teacher was a bit of a nutcase, like a small Adolf Hitler and liked to shout at people…..

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Coming soon

Rewind blog

Coming soon: stories from the old days


Mary Hopkins

Once upon a time there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two
Remember how we laughed away the hours
And dreamed of all the great things we could do…..

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